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What do our parents and carers think of our school?

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‘The teachers are very supportive, and work hard in hand with parents to bring out the best with the children. They are very encouraging and make everyone feel welcome. Their kind nature rolls off into the children, and because of that the children are very kind, respectful and friendly. My daughter is so happy and free to play with everyone! This attitude makes learning comfortable for the kids, because they are not scared to make any mistakes, and know that they will get the help they need from the teachers and students.’

‘Benedict has been the best choice for both of my children. The staff are very friendly, and the school welcomes a diverse range of children. Most importantly, my children are always being academically challenged, supported and nurtured into being the best they can be. I am so pleased with all of the staff’s effort and passion for working with children!’

‘My daughter has thrived since coming to Benedict, she is confident and outgoing, and this is accredited to the hard work her teachers have put in with her! She often tells me about her teachers and the relationships that she has made with them that secure her ongoing developments.’

‘I have enjoyed all of the provision for parents that help with children’s learning; that has been very beneficial to me. The school is a well-knit team which has really helped me when engaging with extra services and support provided within the school. The teachers have made a great impact on my son’s learning.’


‘The zeal and enthusiasm that my son wakes up with every morning, knowing that he is going to Benedict makes me believe that I have made the best choice for my child!”

‘Every day my daughter says she’s had a good day and wants to go back for more!’

‘This school provides a very friendly environment for my son. He makes it seem like being himself is so easy here! I really appreciate the staff for their hard work.’

‘All the staff are nice and always supportive. I always feel that if I have any concern, I could speak with the teachers. My children love to attend this school and love all of the adults there!”